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Apr 15
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"Thank you so much .... many years of long hours and sacrifice to help people in need. Welcome to AHN"
Apr 14
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"Truly an honor to have you as a Member at AHN. The International Men's Day looks fantastic and AllHumanity stands shoulder to shoulder with you and your team to make this the most special movement in history."
Apr 14
AllHumanity Group Joins UNGSII and DVE To Create VR Consortium

The AllHumanity Group announced today that it has joined together with the UN Global Sustainable Index Institute UNGSII and Digital Video Enterprises (DVE) to create and deliver virtual…
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Apr 10
It all starts with the “Three P’s”: Planning (look ahead), People (put a statute of limitations in place), Priorities (how you prioritize your time), and being Present (avoid techno-ference). Be explicit that technology should contribute to the ove…
Understand what’s possible when you bring people together for a single goal. Together, we have access to data to tell bigger, smarter stories—which brings together smarter solutions. – Jenny Lawson, President of Networks at Points of Light
On a day when a story or crisis is breaking, technology—specifically mobile—is propelling giving like we’ve never seen before. Nonprofits must be ready to embrace mobile and digital payments in order to meet supporters where they are. Tech is vast a…
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"As we move forward "together" as a unified team, a single heart beat, we hear the cries of the poor, the homeless, the sick, the afraid, the hurting. As a collective ear we can stand at attention and know, without doubt, that, as a group, as a team,…"
Apr 2
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Mar 25
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"AllHumanity Group creating exciting alliance with top Virtual Reality Superstars !!! Exciting Announcement on Earth Day 2017."
Mar 25
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"At AllHumanity Group, we are looking to continue to work hand-in-hand with VR content creators to capture the work of non-profits, NGO's, charities working around the world in order to bring their donors and supporters into focus with the real crisi…"
Mar 12
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28 February 2017 – Policy makers, activists and private sector representatives from over 80 countries will join gaming experts and simulators tomorrow in Bonn, Germany, at the start of the first “playable” sustainable development conference organize…
Mar 3
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Feb 28
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Feb 24
Humanitarian Virtual Reality

The term Virtual Reality has almost become a household term in the new century. What does it mean?

Let us look at the origins of the two words.

Virtual comes from Latin "virtus" and reality "realitas" or virtuous aut…