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It is important to find new ways to achieve the SDGs. What is the humanitarian virtual reality?  Virtual reality allows us to have a view of all the new perspective to humanitarian work, this is the humanitarian nature. The term virtual reality means virtual outcomes from realities.  AllHumanity wants to support content creators, using their abilities to change the world and we can find them right here at The AllHumanity Network: NGOs, charities, international stakeholders, educational institutions, UN delegates, medical and disaster teams and missionaries.

We are developing project partnership which directly support the UN SDGs, we have the capabilities to provide education and training.  AllHumanity empowers more people to affect global change, giving voices to the most vulnerable and providing access to new possibilities to the emerging countries.  
  • We can no longer say ‘if only people felt the pain and suffering around the world’.
  • We can no longer look in the other way now that looking has become so much easier.
  • There is no longer hiding behind miles and lack of access to technologies.
  • There are no more excuses to leave people behind.
AllHumanity Group is partnering with UN agencies and many companies to encourage progress and put them under pressure to improve sustainability performance. 1) We also have relationships with universities, excellency centres, medical teams, and disaster specialists... and 1300 universities around the world to start spreading VR technologies around the world. 2) We have created multiple regional access centres to the universities all around the world to provide technologies.
We are starting to get over the phase of amazement created by new technologies and we are starting to ask ourselves what does it mean for humanity and for us.
Children in Africa can be educated from everywhere in the world and educators located everywhere in the world; medical workers can now experience everything they will experience in the field, thanks to virtual reality.
Transparency in humanitarian care can now be achieved by sponsoring those social groups such as churches or schools and medical hospitals. Those NGOs that provide solar power and clean water solutions and humanitarian technologies can now be maintained from villagers, saving a lot of money, thanks to VR technology. 

Humanitarian workers, medical workers etc can now create their VR model to teach donors of the real conditions of people in refugee camps and emergency situations.
This is not the future, this is here.

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