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Robert Reid joins The AllHumanity Group

Robert Reid, a native Texan, enlisted in the United States Navy 18 September, 1989 in the occupational field of Aviation Electronics. To date, he has emerged at the top 97 percentile of the enlisted ranks while serving 25 years in the Navy.

Leadership progression, as well as a focus on community service, quality, and process excellence, commenced upon assignment to the Navy Base Police Department in Willow Grove, PA. Completion of TQL and TQM, in 1992, led to a series of process and performance improvements within his service industry Police Department. Although a junior Sailor, he crafted and implemented a forum of “Best Practices and Lessons Learned” while drawing expertise from 200 SELRES personnel (Reservist assigned to his department). The diverse population of 200 SELRES Sailors brought in equally diverse Municipal, State, and Federal level Law Enforcement experience from agencies across the North East corridor. In 1999 he was appointed Chief of Police due to achieving Navy-wide impact, as well as improving external state and federal agencies, via CPI derived training curriculum, policy development, and police response tactical improvements.

While assigned to Helicopter Mine Countermeasures (HM) Squadron 15, Robert Reid was advanced to the rank of Chief Petty Officer. The fraternity of Chiefs in the Navy is commonly described as the Backbone of the Navy bridging executive leadership to the workforce (Deckplates). His duties included Drug & Alcohol Program Advisor, Equal Opportunity manager, Community Service Director, and Public Affairs Officer. Following HM-15 he served as a Platoon Leader for Detainee Operations in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, 2006-2007, where his camp housed 300 enemy combatants and terrorist.

2007-2012, Chief Reid was assigned to Fleet Readiness Center West, Fort Worth (FRCW) where he was charged to lead the Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) deployment in an aircraft manufacturing and production setting. Under his leadership, in 2008 and 2009, his command was consecutively selected as the CPI “Site of the Year” amidst global USN/USMC competition. He achieved Lean Six Sigma (LSS) Black Belt certification and certified as a LSS Green Belt Course Instructor with a personal CPI portfolio that includes DoD and DoN Echelon I engagement (Pentagon level).

In 2012, Senior Chief Reid graduated the Senior Enlisted Academy with Honors (Naval War College in Newport, RI) and commenced duties as the VP-30 Squadron Augment Unit Senior Enlisted Leader. Since 2012, he has trained 310 Senior Leaders, at the LSS Green Belt level, across 10 operational and support commands, within the U.S. Navy’s SE region. His current activities involve working process/performance improvement projects across major public and private sector systems.

Current positions of responsibility highlights:

• Senior VP, AllHumanity Group; global humanitarian non-profit
• Executive VP and COO, Patriots 4 Our Heroes (P4OH) non-profit
• Project Lead; PTSD and TBI 3Rs (Resistance, Resilience, and Recovery)
• National Certified Sexual Assault Prevention & Response Victim’s Advocate
• Awarded Military Outstanding Volunteer Support Medal (MOVSM) (2 awards)
• Certified DoN/DoD Lean Six Sigma Black Belt (Continuous Performance Improvement)
• Certified LSS Green Belt course lead facilitator (Continuous Performance Improvement)

Robert Reid is a Director at The AllHumanity Group

Published By: The AllHumanity Group