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Paul Richard, Esq. joins the All-Star line up of at The AllHumanity Group.

At the Executive Office of The President Of The United States, Mr. Richard was a member of three-person professional staff responsible for managing the President's decision-making process. Reviewed and recommended action on all materials submitted to the President for action, including legislation, treaties, national security memorandums, domestic and foreign policy briefings, nominations, executive orders, proclamations and other presidential documents. Held delegated authority to execute decisions on behalf of the President, excluding legislation and senior level nominations. Member of White House work group recommending revisions to the policies and procedures governing classified information; recommended reversing the presumption in favor of classification to one favoring openness, public access and routine declassification wherever possible, consistent with the national security. Member of work group that developed the first White House website, and helped implement public email correspondence with the President. Managed correspondence staff of over 100.

As Senior Counsel to Commissioner - Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Richard is principal rapporteur and editor of the Report of the Task Force on Alternative Dispute Resolution (1995) that suggested mediation as a primary component of EEOC's administrative resolution process. The Task Force's recommendations were unanimously adopted by the full Commission. Fostered a teamwork/open-door environment conducive to positive dialogue among the Chair's Office, the Vice Chair's Office, and the Offices of the Commissioners. Without compromising commitment to the Clinton Administration's goals and policies, helped forge bipartisan consensus on EEOC policy guidance documents, litigation decisions and budget submissions. Led internal work group that developed the legal, operational and public relations strategies to establish an alternative dispute resolution program for aggrieved EEOC employees. Wrote employee training manual for prospective mediators covering issues including legal and extra-legal remedies and resolutions. Revised job descriptions across all levels in Commissioner Miller's office. "Shadowed" and interviewed employees to construct an accurate picture of the duties and skills required for each.

Mr. Richard is a Director at AllHumanity Group

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