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The AllHumanity Group Invited To Attend & Speak At the XVII Infopoverty World Conference At UN

The AllHumanity Group Will Be Attending & Speaking At LavalVirtual April 2017



The AllHumanity Group Invited To Attend & Speak At the XVII Infopoverty World Conference At UN:

The Infopoverty World Conference started in 2001 on the wave of the proclamation of the Millennium Development Goals and points out yearly the new developments, introducing especially the most innovative solutions and the best practices elaborated by the United Nations system, governments and the civil society.

The Conference addressed, in these 14 years of activity, all of the issues related to the Millennium Development Goals, with more than 1,700 speakers and about 2,000 solutions proposals linked to the digital innovation, it gave birth to 850 projects in coordination with over 1800 public and private institutions in more than 60 countries.

The Infopoverty World Conference represents, for its continuity, operational capability, strong interoperability with the UN system and unique in its kind, a global forum on the digital revolution in continuous development due to its Infopoverty c…
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Covering Innovation & Inequality in EducationTOPICSBlended LearningTeacher PreparationHigher EducationEarly EducationMississippiNew OrleansALL TOPICSABOUT×ColumnTWITTERFACEBOOKCan Virtual Reality “teach” empathy?Immersive VR in the classroom is spreading fast, as teachers take students into other worldsTech SmartColumn by CHRIS BERDIKFebruary 15, 2017A still photo from “One World, Many Stories: New York City,” one of three VR videos about young people in different parts of the world created by Global Nomads Group. Photo courtesy Global Nomads GroupIn November 2015, middle-school students from Westchester County, New York, found themselves on a windswept field in Southern Sudan mingling with a crowd of refugees fleeing civil war. Suddenly, they heard the deafening roar of low-flying military cargo planes overhead, followed by large bags of grain thudding to the ground all around them.“The kids were jumping back from those bags dropping at their feet,” recalled Cayne Letizia, the teache…
AllHumanity believes that science and technology have tremendous potential to improve lives around the world. We create leverage by building evidence and producing, synthesizing and distributing knowledge, new ideas and expertise. We harness the power of charitable and humanitarian partnerships by bringing together key players, collaborating with colleagues, and securing the sustained commitment of other funders and advocates to improve the programs and fields we select to address such as arts and culture, community development, development of finance and security, education and scholarships, endowment development, HIV/AIDS, humanitarian media, religion, society and culture, and workforce development and management. Together with our partners, we are determined to play a critical role in helping build each troubled country‘s nonprofit infrastructure.
The AllHumanity Group partnering with top universities will align Virtual Reality content for humanitarian organizations involved in eradication of poverty, disaster relief, mission development and support, faith based and non-faith based educational content production and distribution and all non-profit humanitarian outreach.
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  • Robert Cipriano asked to attend XVII Infopoverty World Conference 21 April 2017 at UN
  • With over 1.5 billion global citizens being disabled, AllHumanity Group has made a commitment to help the individuals who cannot leave home do to their disability.
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  • Monday, UNICEF Regional Director Geert Cappelaere confirmed that 47 children who had been trapped in an orphanage in east Aleppo had been evacuated, "with some in critical condition from injuries and dehydration."
    "The evacuation of these orphans, along with thousands of other children from east Aleppo in the past days, is a glimmer of hope amid a grim reality for the children of Syria," he said in a statement.
    "Their safe departure is a testimony to the relentless efforts of humanitarians on the ground, working around the clock for children and their families."
  • Welcome to Gil Williams of PreciousProject.Org - high quality education and care to orphaned and vulnerable children in rural Tanzania.
  • Welcome to John Cropper of LINGOs from AllHumanity Group
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